Andy Reid Calls Biden ‘Obama’ In Rare Championship Visit Gaffe Not Made By The President

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The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs visited the White House, and as has become the norm with these ceremonies, there was some kind of speaking gaffe. But in a stunning, M. Night Shyamalan-ian twist, it was Andy Reid — not the President — with the verbal fumble.

Reid was at the podium (or is it a lecture? Honestly, who cares…) to deliver his remarks. He thanked a bunch of people and talked about how great this season was and how the real challenges lay ahead of them.

He then tried to reference the President’s speech but mixed up No. 46 and No. 44.

I wish the camera had been on Biden at that moment. The guy has so little clue what’s going on most of the time he probably perked up and said, “Oh, Barack’s here?”

Reid — who with the Presidential seal in front of him, kind of looks like Teddy Roosevelt sans monocle — had a minor slip-up that could’ve happened to anyone.

Alright, maybe not anyone, but it happened to him.

The White House Was Just Happy Biden Wasn’t The One Making The Mistake

The White House staff was breathing a sigh of relief that for once it wasn’t the President or Vice President saying something stupid at one of these events. Championship visits have gone all but swimmingly since Biden took office.

We’ve had people faint. We’ve had the NHL commissioner mixed-up with the Caped Crusader. There was also the time the President tried to get “everyone under 15” onstage for photos with the Atlanta Braves.

The Golden State Warriors‘ last visit was so awkward it brought an end to their championship dynasty (probably).

So, as far as Biden-era championship visits go, the Chiefs one could be the administration’s shining moment.

Hell, it was so laid-back that there were guys doing bits.

It wasn’t hilarious, but it did the job in this kind of setting. It also probably reminded Biden of some of the vaudeville acts he used to go see in his youth.

Anyway, it’ll be up to the Chiefs to repeat as Super Bowl champs and give Reid a chance to redeem himself next year.

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