Andy Reid And The Chiefs Will Eventually Send ‘Bad Boy’ Running Back Le’Veon Bell To Death Row

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and team general manager Brett Veach are the Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy of the NFL. 

They’re the head of Bad Boy Football. Can’t nobody hold them down. They love giving nasty boys one more chance. They believe in mo players no problems. Reid and Veach are close like Starsky and Hutch and the KC offense hypnotizes me. 

Why am I quoting BIG and Puff and analogizing them to the leaders of the defending Super Bowl champions?

Thursday, the Chiefs signed bad boy running back Le’Veon Bell to a one-year contract, and it makes me nervous. 

You see, Bell, to me, isn’t bad meaning good, he’s bad meaning bad. He’s a locker-room cancer. He’s poison. In pursuit of cash, he bulldozed his way out of an ideal situation in Pittsburgh, where on the field he meshed perfectly with Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. Bell landed in New York, where he flamed out with the Jets after playing in just 19 games. Owing him an additional $6 million, the Jets cut Bell on Tuesday rather than deal with his bad attitude.

In football, you can’t have a problem with bad boys. The game is best played by them. But you have to pick the right bad boys, the ones who absolutely love the game. That’s my gripe with Le’Veon. I don’t think he loves the game. He loves the financial windfall the game provides him because he’s good at it.

Let’s take Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. He can be classified as a bad boy. He’s had some serious off-the-field issues. You know what motivates him to evolve and do better? His love of the game. 

Remember when Andy Reid, as head coach of the Eagles, rescued Michael Vick from a federal prison and turned him back into a playmaker? It worked because Mike Vick loves football. That’s also the reason Vick turned into a tremendous leader in the Philly locker room. 

Bad boys can turn good. One of my all-time favorite people and players is Ravens legend Ray Lewis. Early in his career, Ray was involved in a murder investigation. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing justice. Ray loved the game and God. He wanted to be regarded as one of the all-time, all-time greats. He leaned into his faith and became arguably the greatest leader in NFL history. He’s right there with Tom Brady in terms of leadership.

I don’t have a problem with bad boys. In some respects, I was one myself years ago. 

My problem is with unrepentant bad boys. This is why I’m skeptical of my Chiefs tying any part of their success to Le’Veon Bell. 

Bell is the kind of running back Suge Knight and Death Row Records would sign. Bell is Tupac Shakur. Dear mama, he’s thug4life. He has ambitions as a ridah. He’s all eyez on me.  Bell ain’t got no muddafreakin friends. Grab your Glock when you see Bell rock. He’s hit ‘em up

For non-Tupac fans, let me translate what I just said. Bell is going to bring dysfunction to the Chiefs. He’s troublesome. He’s going to make Andy Reid and Brett Veach sing Hail Mary.

I hope I’m wrong. Maybe Bell will be so embarrassed by his New York flameout and so highly motivated to make Adam Gase picture him rolling that he’ll be on his best behavior for the remainder of this season. 

Clear enough for ya?

Why you Jets look mad?

Y’all supposed to be happy I’m free!

Oh, I forgot. Adam Gase.

That coach had a lot to say when I was in his offense. 

My gut says this ends with Andy Reid and Le’Veon Bell riding down the Las Vegas Strip and Reid pretending he had nothing to do with end of Le’Veon’s career.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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    • It’s probably because the Chiefs are thin at running back. They did the same thing with McCoy last year and got a few good games out of him.

      I assume Edwards-Helaire is still the #1, but reducing his load mid season could help down the stretch. Last year McCoy didn’t even play in the playoffs. Just a thought.

      As far as the locker room, it’s not like he’s coming in as a coveted superstar. Bell and Brown didn’t realize how great they had it in Pittsburgh.

  1. Jason, as we VIP’s keep saying, your writing ability is second to none. You stand alone. Whether you are giving us insight into life, into football, or into player/agent dynamics, your way with words is amazing. You excel in your profession far, far more than Lebron does in his (not that I think you compare yourself to Lebron in any way, I”m just saying)

  2. Jason, I’m puzzled by the move. I can’t believe the Chiefs signed him. I’m hoping there was an impassioned plea on Bell’s part, and a heart to heart discussion with Andy Reid. If Bell has changed, he could be a strong asset. What I would have rather seen Is the Chiefs acquiring some more help for the offensive line. That is far more pressing than RB help. Let’s hope Mahomes is a strong enough leader along with Chris Jones to keep Bell towing the line. #GoChiefs

  3. Bell will have a limited roll on the team. Edwards-Haleaire has had difficulty in short yardage situations and, even beyond that, he’s not a big guy. Bell is – plus he has lots of experience in gaining yards, even when opponents focus on him running the ball. Its an easy short term fix. Nothing more and nothing less.

  4. Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s: THE BELLS…

    “Hear the tolling of the Bell—
    haughty Bell!
    What a world of trouble his attitude compels!
    From the anger in his voice
    And the absence of remorse.
    To the unrelenting menace of his tone!
    Every move that he envisions
    Is a Le’Veon decision
    All for me and me alone.
    How he whines, whines, whines
    In a sort of Runic rhyme,
    And Oh,
    what a tale of terror his turbulence will tell.
    For once, the vaunted Chiefs have rung the wrong Bell

  5. Great writing Jason! I love it! (Also, I like the pics you and everyone at Outkick put up to accompany the columns. Not just for this column specifically, but in general the pics are really good and there’s been multiple times you’ve had me laughing)

  6. The signing doesn’t seem all that remarkable to me. The Chiefs needed depth at running back. McCoy provided some last year. Bell should be able to do the same.

    A bigger concern is when Watkins is out, the offense struggles. And a lot of money has been spent on guys who make highlight plays on defense (Clark and Jones) but do not take control of a game. Those are bigger issues than a running back signing.

    Le’Veon Bell most likely will neither derail nor propel the Chiefs’ season, which will probably be decent overall. He’s seemingly a LeSean McCoy replacement, which the team needed.

    Sometimes fans incessantly scream to sign a specific player because THAT’S what will push them over the top (somehow Whitlock @ KC and Ty Law come to mind). Last year all the KC sports media were clamoring for Jalen Ramsey when he became available, etc.

    Anyway, this situation doesn’t seem like that. Maybe for better or worse it WILL be a big deal. But this team rests on Andy, Patrick, and Tyrann.

  7. I really like that about Coach Reid. If my memory serves me well, didn’t Reid have a son that had problems and died? I believe Reid takes on these types of projects and usually they workout but my thoughts are Reid is driven by his faith and wants to help people. Moreover there is a need for RB this year. I totally respect Andy Reid. Reid maybe taking on this “cancer” because he has a Hugh heart and there is a need.

    Great article JW as always and great to see you contInue using the gifts God has graced you with!

  8. Did you just see the “mask” wearing announcers in the booth… They looked ridiculous… Grown men on TV social distancing but talking through mask not covering their noses… it’s just silly listening to the muffled Charlie Brown sounding musings of two respected announcers I was watching the Braves anyway but that killed my desire for any more NFL for the week… Not sure I can look at Al Micheals the same after that clownshow…

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