Andy Dalton’s Blood Is Boiling, Snaps On Cowboys

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As a Bengals fan who watched Andy Dalton never get outraged as a member of the Bengals, imagine my surprise when the Red Rifle hit his breaking point during the second quarter against the Football Team, two starts into his Cowboys career.

Trailing 15-3 to a terrible Washington team, the Red Rifle was in the gun with Zeke working protection in the backfield. 3rd and 9. The Rifle knows the heat is coming. He needs Zeke and the line to hold up long enough to let him get the ball out.

Let’s see how this works out for the Dallas Cowboys offense.

That led to this verbal assault from Dalton, something so far out of character that I’m blogging about this rarity. You have no idea how many times Bengals fan wanted to see Andy show some fire in his belly. Of course he saves it for when he’s the Cowboys backup.

Even with the rough start, the Cowboys leader, Mike McCarthy, says he has research that says the team just needs to get to four divisional wins to make it likelier that the team will make the playoffs. Everything is fine in the Big D. Nothing to worry about.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Good for Dalton, it was also very weak stick from his teammates who seemed to care less when he took a dirty hit and was knocked out of the game. That franchise has no class, and it starts at the top. The ultimate front runners.

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