Andrew Lowery, Marine Jordan Jefferson Allegedly Kicked, Has Criminal History, Restraining Order

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OKTC has learned that the Marine at the center of an investigation into LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, Andrew Lowery, has a criminal record in the state of Florida. In particular, Lowery was arrested in Okaloosa County in 2008 for a violation of Florida Statute 812-014, a theft statute. Lowery, pictured above in his mugshot, was charged with theft and placed on probation for the offense. You can review his probation agreement in Okaloosa County here.

On July 28, 2008 Lowery pled no contest to the crime of petit theft and was sentenced to 24 hours of community service, ordered to pay court costs, and sentenced to six months probation.

This is a significant revelation because past criminal history involving dishonesty can be used to question the credibility of a witness in cases such as these. Did Lowery disclose this past criminal history to the Baton Rouge police? Or did they learn of it elsewhere?

That remains to be seen. In the meantime Lowery’s name and past criminal history furthers a story that appears to be near a boiling point in Baton Rouge.

Reached for comment on the criminal history uncovered by OKTC, attorney Nathan Fisher declined comment on Lowery’s past. But when asked about the threats that Jordan Jefferson is receiving from angry Marines, Fisher responded, “The Marines need to take a chill pill.” 

Fisher also took aim at press coverage of Jefferson’s apartment location that he believed placed his client in danger. “I thought it was terribly irresponsible of the press to give his address and location like some media did. We’re aware of the threats and we’re going to protect the players.”

You can read those threats that Jefferson is receiving here.


This afternoon the Baton Rouge police released its initial police report on the bar fight and it is not favorable to Jordan Jefferson.

You can read the entire report here.

 The most damning part is an eyewitness who reports she saw Jordan Jefferson kick Andrew Lowrey while he lay on the ground. Here’s that pertinent part of the police report taken from Yahoo’s Dr. Saturday:

“[Redacted] advises that she observed the entire altercation. [Redacted] states that the entire altercation began because the unknown W/M’s pickup truck was blocked in by another vehicle. The unknown W/M yelled at the them [sic] to move the vehicle. [Redacted] states that the crowd suddenly pulled the unknown W/M out of his pickup. [Redacted] advises that after Lowery managed to rescue the W/M, he was attacked by the suspects. [Redacted] advises that there were approximately ten suspects who attacked the unknown W/M. [Redacted] advises that prior to the unknown W/M leaving, he threatened the crowd that he had a gun in his pickup truck. [Redacted] states that she never observed the W/M with the gun. She advises that approximately five more suspects joined in on the attack on Lowery. [Redacted] advises that she believes that all were LSU football players because some she recognized as being on the team. The others were wearing official LSU Football shirts. [Redacted] advises that she knows for certain that she observed Jordan Jefferson kicked [sic] Lowery in the face. [Redacted] also advises that she observed Josh Johns as being one of the people who attacked Lowery. Lowery advises that she doesn’t know the names of the other players but states that she could identify them through pictures if needed.”

But in addition to the criminal record uncovered by OKTC, Andrew Lowery also has other credibility issues. In particular, a woman has obtained a restraining order and alleges “that on the night of Aug. 18, her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lowery, 21, followed her to a bar, cursed and yelled at her, cornered her several times and hit one of her friends.”

So one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state now has a victim with a criminal conviction in his past as well as a restraining order related to abusive behavior on the very night of the bar fight with LSU players. None of this means Jordan Jefferson had any right to kick him while he was laying on the ground, but it does set the table for dueling stories. The person who tells the most believable story generally wins. 

We’ve yet to publicly hear any defense of Jordan Jefferson. But one will be coming. 

In the meantime, Andrew Lowery’s past is going to become as much of an issue as Jordan Jefferson’s actions on that night. 

As if that wasn’t enough the Oregon-LSU kickoff, which OKTC will be there to cover live, is a little more than nine days away. You think this story isn’t a tremendous distraction for LSU?   

Buckle up your seatbelts, this is one hell of of a ride. And we’re not even close to finished yet.   

You can read the Marine threats to Jordan Jefferson here.

Written by Clay Travis

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