Andrew Giuliani Joins Clay’s Show to Discuss Running for Governor of New York

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Earlier this week, Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, announced that he will be running for New York governor in 2022. To some, the news is shocking. To others, Giuliani is exactly what New York needs right now.

On Friday, Giuliani joined OutKick founder Clay Travis on his radio show, and the two discussed a wide range of topics.

First off, Clay is always going to support Giuliani after the two worked closely together to save college football — and sports in general — during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s one of Clay’s proudest moments because he appreciates what they achieved in that fight.

Clay also believes that current New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, did an atrocious job of handling the pandemic. Sure, Cuomo got a $5 million book deal despite his fumblings, but that doesn’t mean much to many New York voters.

Clay asked Giuliani whether he thought Cuomo did the worst job of any governor in the country with his response to COVID.

“Yeah, certainly in the top three, right? I mean, it’s him, [Gavin] Newsom and [Gretchen] Whitmer. They’re right up there,” Giuliani responded. “I would say Cuomo probably did, and here’s why: the nursing home executive order.

“If you think about it, 9,000 of those 15,000 seniors that died, they died because of Andrew Cuomo’s ego. Remember, Donald Trump sent up the U.S.S. Comfort, up the east coast and into the Hudson [River]. We had the Javits Center that was open that the city of New York provided for the state of New York.

“But guess what? Andrew Cuomo did not want to use any of those beds because he did not want to give anyone else a political win. It was Andrew Cuomo’s ego that cost the lives of over 9,000 New York seniors.”

Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking. That’s some heat, right? Well, Giuliani brought it the entire interview. After discussing Cuomo’s miraculous $5 million book deal for his supposedly heroic leadership during the pandemic, the two turned their attention to other related topics.

For one, Giuliani is determined to get New York back to a good place.

“When you think about our policies that we are pushing forward, they’re policies that aren’t just good for red New Yorkers or blue New Yorkers. They are favorable for all New Yorkers,” Giuliani said. “We are going to light the furnace of economic development in New York, and make New York truly one of the great economic states in the country once again.”

In order to make a push for victory, Giuliani knows that Trump and his father Rudy will play key roles. But what does he think about Trump’s chances of running for president again in 2024?

“I think the honest answer to that question is he’s probably not even going to know until after 2022,” Giuliani said. “He’s going to have to see at that time if he really has that fire in the belly in January of 2023 to run again. I think if the election was in 2022 for him, I think that answer would be yes.

“He’s lost weight, he’s slimmed down, he’s looking good. His mind is as sharp as ever, so I would lean towards yes on that … I really think there is a lot of buyer’s remorse when it comes to the current administration, and they’re realizing the policies of Donald J. Trump are successful policies.”

Yet another person — who is more in the know than any of us — who believes a Trump run in 2024 is a real possibility. Many on the left would tremble at the idea of Trump running again, while many on the right would certainly celebrate it.

That isn’t all though. Clay and Giuliani discussed vaccine passports, the return of sports and several other fantastic topics. This is a fantastic interview that you should check out once the OutKick the Coverage podcast is live.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. “Yeah, certainly in the top three, right? I mean, it’s him, [Gavin] Newsom and [Gretchen] Whitmer. They’re right up there,” Giuliani responded. “I would say Cuomo probably did, and here’s why: the nursing home executive order.

    Let’s not forget Comrade Kate Brown…

  2. I love this site! Proud to be a VIP.

    I must admit that I was VERY disappointed the Apple Podcast today. I tuned in to listen to Clay and Guilianni. All that was discussed for the first 15 minutes was the NBA! I disconnected. F’ the NBA and their self righteous stance on politics! I will NEVER care about the league.

    I hope this is not the beginning of the end with the Fox, politically correct influence.

    Sincerely, TK

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