Andrew Cuomo Is A Catastrophe But Media Continues to Praise Him

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From Monday’s “Outkick the Show”

You know how everyone has been running around screaming about the death rate?  

Let’s talk about Florida. There are a lot of sports media people rooting for the coronavirus. 

Darren Rovell is one of them. He will come on the show Wednesday to talk about why he felt the need to tweet that everyone was dying in SEC country, look at all the cases and infections they’ve got, and if only they were smart enough to do what New York did things would be much better.

One of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever seen and I like Darren.  I look forward to having him on my show.

If you pay attention to the Florida data, they just had one of their lead doctors go on CNN and said less than 1% of people who get the coronavirus in the Tampa area now are dying.

Why does that matter?  Let’s take the worst number out there from the weekend.  15,300 people tested positive for it and the death rate will be under 150 people.

15,000 test positive and under 150 are going to die based on the current Florida death rate and even a lower amount for people who are young.

This is significant because Florida’s number are reflecting the collapse of leadership and failure that we saw in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, etc.

The states with Democratic governors totally blew it. They bought into the fear-porn. They bought into idea that everyone was going to die who got the coronavirus and they sent patients right back into the nursing homes.

The data reflects if they had not sent patients back into the nursing homes, the death rates would be 60 or 70% lower.

I, frankly, do not know why Donald Trump isn’t making a bigger deal over the failure of Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo made the worst decision of any elected leader in the 21st century when he sent infected patients out of hospitals back into nursing homes and allowed the virus to spread like wildfire among the most vulnerable.

He did that because he bought all the stupid fear-porn forecasts that the media continued to bombard us with.

Cuomo thought he was going to need 140,000 beds. The actual peak was 18,000.

Florida is approaching 70% of the coronavirus cases that New York has had but has 1/10th of the death rate because Ron DeSantis is doing an infinitely better job than Andrew Cuomo.

And you wouldn’t know it based on the media coverage.

The numbers started going up about 3 weeks ago in Florida.  Today in Florida there were 35 deaths. In New York, there were 41.

Even amidst the Florida spike, Florida had fewer deaths in New York today.  Not to mention 1/10th overall.

Florida is making solid decisions instead of blowing it like all of those Democratic governors did who ran up the massive death rates.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Ask Darren about his 2011 NBA story he couldn’t wait to run with…too funny…a real reporter he is…breaking news!
    Guess he got woke…now he’s insulting a quarter of the country…onward and upward!

  2. Everyone here in Florida knows where the sick people are coming from. The northeast and Ohio and michigan send all their liberal sick people down here to vote. Especially in a presidential year.

    Yup, Florida is where lefty sick people come to vote.

    True story.

  3. If Trump is re-elected, we may see investigations into the federal level that show how poorly Cuomo and other elected officials mid-handled and outright hurt sick people. Why anyone lives in the NE cities after how the democrats have handled 2020 is a mystery. Get out while you can.

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