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If you wanted drama in Week 17 of the NFL, you’re in for a treat

The AFC South is still up for grabs. The same goes for the NFC East. Four spots are available in the AFC, three in the NFC. There is still a path for the Dallas Cowboys to get into the playoffs, while there’s a path for the Cleveland Browns to eliminate themselves from postseason play. Here’s your best bet for how to approach next weekend in the NFL: turn on your TV and enjoy it.

Unless you’re a team on the bubble, don’t sweat the scenarios. Let them play out, especially in the NFC East where things are fascinating. Andy Dalton has won three in a row and has seven touchdown passes and one INT over that stretch. Things are going so well for Dalton that he could end the season with a career-best completion percentage. Yes, he would have about 70 fewer attempts than in 2015, when he finished with 386 passes and completed 66% of them. Dare I say Dalton could be a hot commodity on the free agency market? If he figures out a way to get the Cowboys into the playoffs, Jerry Jones just might give Dalton a piece of the franchise.

Sit back, relax and be thankful we have sports to enjoy heading into the first weekend of 2021. We’re on the verge of Browns at Bills — with fans — on Wild Card weekend. We need that game in the middle of a blizzard. Let’s stay positive this week and make it happen.

$258 is the get-in price for those wanting to see the Browns try to get into the playoffs. Win and they’re in. Remember, this hasn’t happened since 2002. Back then, the Browns lost to the Steelers on Wild Card weekend when Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala went in from three-yards out.

Jared Goff’s thumb is broken. John Wolford is the backup, if this is it for the Rams starting quarterback. It’s all falling apart for my Super Bowl dark horse.

• Now comes the push to get $2,000 into the hands of adults to go along with the $600 per child. It appears this will end up as a decision for Senate Republicans because the House can’t say ‘yes’ fast enough. That appears to be the final political drama of 2020, as the days start to dwindle.

• Banking on Senate Republicans to approve the $2,000 checks and looking to invest it? There’s an Alabama golf course for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $450,000 that includes 154 acres, 24 golf carts and all the buildings needed to go into the golf business. Round up your buddies, throw in the stim checks and create your own club.

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