Zack Greinke Tells A's Ramon Laureano He's Throwing a Curveball, Gives Up 3-Run Bomb

Astros starter Zack Greinke was in a full count to A's slugger Ramon Laureano when he decided he would TELL LAUREANO HE WAS THROWING A CURVEBALL! Yes, the Astros went from stealing signs to giving them away. Greinke showed his hand and then proceeded to give up a 3-run bomb to give Oakland a 3-0 lead. Justice.

Houston just can't help themselves. They were caught stealing signs, and they finally paid for it. If you've been following along, Ramon Laureano doesn't think think much of Greinke.

Baseball needs more trash-talk as it is, so telling a guy he's mediocre then taking him 450 feet works. Sometimes the best way to cut a guy to his core is not by telling him he sucks, but letting him know he's mediocre.

From the looks of it, Zack Greinke probably doesn't care that there was even a game today. Either way, it's awesome that Laureano finally made Greinke pay.

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