WVU Defensive Coordinator Is Out After 'Insensitive Remarks' Allegations

West Virginia defensive coordinator Vic Koenning has left the school after mutually agreeing with AD Shane Lyons that it would be best if he went his separate way after players alleged that Koenning had made "insensitive remarks" that they didn't like.

Kerry Martin Jr., a sophomore safety who made four starts for the Mountaineers in 2019, alleged this week that Koenning had "antagonized" one player over religious beliefs and that there were rumblings of a "slave master" mentality that Martin had heard of through conversations with his high school coach who had been in contact with Koenning on the recruiting trail. Martin went on to allege that Koenning had recently turned his attention to protests and riots, allegedly saying, "if people did not want to get tear-gassed, or push back by the police then they shouldn't be outside protesting."

Koenning, 60, had spent the last decade moving between jobs at West Virginia, Troy, North Carolina and Illinois. He issued an apology this week after Martin released his concerns with Koenning. Martin did add in his statement that "No, coach Vic is not a bad person and he does mean well in many aspects but his heinous actions towards us over rules the good things he has done and many of us are uncomfortable with being around him."

The defensive coordinator had two years left on his contract and will be paid $590,000 as part of the mutual separation agreement with the school.

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