Will Smith Apologizes To Chris Rock

In an Instagram post on Monday, Will Smith issued an apology for slapping Chris Rock in the face at the Academy Awards:

The Slap has dominated the newscycle for nearly 24 hours, even knocking the war in Ukraine out of the top spot.

Earlier today, I discussed the widespread interest in the story:

Media coverage is a business. Right now, Smith hitting Rock is good business. The story is fascinating. One of the country’s most well-known actors jumped on stage and threw hands at the country’s top comedian. How does that happen? It’s absurd. It’s hilarious.

It also puts a twist on the good guy vs. bad guy dynamic that drives cultural interest. Americans want to root for a hero and against a villain. But in this case, there’s a debate about who is playing which side.

On one hand, Will Smith looks like a punk. He couldn’t control his emotions and hit someone like it was fifth-grade recess and then cried about it on stage, blaming it on his love for his wife.

On the other hand, Smith played the role of the protective husband. Chris Rock joked about his girl’s alopecia, which upset her, so he defended her honor. Juicy.

I also gave my thoughts on grown men slapping other grown men in a conversation with Emily Jashinsky during The Federalist Radio Hour. Check that out here:

I still can't believe Rock didn't hit Smith back or meet him backstage.

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