Will Hollywood Blackball Ardent Leftist Susan Sarandon For Same Quote As Fired Gina Carano?

Actress Susan Sarandon posted a photo on Monday referencing the Holocaust. Sarandon appears to suggest that if a particular political party gains control of the U.S. Congress in November that America could slowly begin to resemble Nazi Germany.

"It didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into 'us' and 'them' and calling on their supporters to harass 'them.' It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen," the post read.

Sarandon didn't disclose to which party she was referring. But with a long history of publicizing her progressive, often radical, political views -- we can surmise.

Sarandon's ardent Left beliefs are a factor in the story given the way Hollywood reacted when a conservative actress shared a similar message last year.

Susan Sarandon, Meet Gina Carano

In 2021, Gina Carano posted a photo of equal tone alluding that hate directed toward political conservatives resembled the feelings Nazis had toward Jewish people. Hollywood acted swiftly in the case of Carano, who had been starring in “The Mandalorian." The company fired her the next day. Carano's talent agency, UTA, dropped her hours later.

Hollywood deemed Carano anti-Semitic. Film studios have dismissed her from future consideration. She now stars in films produced by the conservative media company The Daily Wire.

Supporters of Carano are now curious to see if Sarandon will suffer a similar fate. Yet, so far, the entertainment industry has declined to comment.

Oh, the hypocrisy:




Disney published a press release last year saying remarks like Carano's have no place within the company. Got it.

On Tuesday, OutKick asked the Walt Disney Co. if it plans to distance itself from Sarandon, who has starred in several Disney films. Unfortunately, Disney did not respond to our request.

We hope they do at a later time.

The Pedro Pascal Precedent

But, of course, we know the answer. Sarandon gets a pass per the precedent. May we mind you of Pedro Pascal, Carano's former "Mandalorian" co-star.

Pascal once posted an eerily similar analogy to Carano's that referenced the Holocaust. However, Disney didn't mind when Pascal, an avowed wokester,  did it:


Disney says it canceled Carano on account of intolerance for anti-Semitism. In reality, Carano had a target on her back. She had jokingly declared her gender pronouns as "Beep/Bop/Boop" before her post. Disney was looking for an excuse to cease association with her. It found one in the guise of anti-Semitism.

Notice that Pascal declared himself a He/Him. Perhaps that saved him. Likewise, Sarandon has a resume of liberal activism on which she can fall back.

Social Media Posts Don't Matter; The Person Who Posts Them Does

Earlier this year, Sarandon shared social media posts comparing the turnout for an NYPD funeral to "fascism." She despises police officers. She considers them racist and a threat to civilization.

’So, if all these cops weren’t needed for CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed ANY day?” she quote-tweeted above a post mentioning two slayed officers.

The film industry cares not about offensive tweets. It cares only about who sends a supposedly offensive tweet.  Hense the disparate reaction to Carano and Sarandon.


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