Will Cain Chats with Clay Travis

For the first time ever, Will Cain joined Clay Travis for an on-air conversation.

On the Wins and Losses podcast, Will took Clay back to the early stages of his life, his ups, his downs, various business ventures, and growing up in a small Texas town. Later in the show, Will detailed his move from politics to ESPN, and his decision to now leave for Fox News.

Will Cain debuts on his new show, Fox & Friends Weekend, this Saturday.

Listen to it here. You will enjoy:

And for Spotify listeners:

Earlier this week, Will Cain sat down with Outkick's Bobby Burack for an in-depth conversation. Cain explained why he left ESPN for Fox News, his concerns with this country, if sports media is "broken," and the last time America was this divisive. Also, Will revealed who he sees as the most influential talent in all of media. Read the interview here.