Wild Brawl Breaks Out At Wisconsin AAU Basketball Game

An AAU game in Germantown, Wisconsin turned ugly as coaches and fans traded punches, teeth were knocked out and a coach's son reportedly had his eye socket broken. Videos from the basketball game show what appears to be an argument taking place behind the bench of the Wisconsin Blizzard, coached by Craig Hawley, who played collegiate ball for Dick Bennett at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Points.

The guys behind the bench arguing with Hawley's staff had reportedly been ejected from the gym for heckling referees, but before they decided to leave, we got an ugly incident that includes one coach, reportedly Hawley's son, Chase, swinging at a 15-year-old girl from the opposing team. Her brother is allegedly one of the fans who was asked to leave the gym.

At this point, we have a war of words with the opposing coach, Daryl Bates, claiming on Facebook, "If a black Coach punched 15 year old Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Becky AND HER MOM, does anyone here believe they would have walked away???? F NOOOOOO."

From WISN:


As you can see on the video, a group of people are asked to leave, but that group eventually makes its way over to Hawley's bench where things turn ugly. No arrests have been made and, according to WISN, police say they need the player and mother to come forward before charges could be filed for Hawley's punch.

Add it all up and I have to believe having a gym with no fans to start fights sounds real good about right now on the AAU circuit.

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