Which States Searched For LeBron's Penis The Most?

On Thursday night ABC/ESPN's cameras caught LeBron James's penis as the King adjusted his pants before the game. The King's penis -- a totally average looking limp penis -- took the Internet by storm, turning the nation into a thirsty horde of dick watchers. I knew based on social media that the search was popular, but I didn't how popular it was until Friday morning's Fox Sports traffic report arrived in my email and I saw that our story about LeBron's penis was the most read article on the site.

Interestingly, a large percentage of those "readers" were arriving from Google search.

Which got me thinking.

Always a dangerous thing.

In particular, I started wondering, which city searched for Lebron's dick the most on Google? So I hopped on Google trends and started checking out search terms. (I also emailed my buddy, tech wiz Chris Shaw, the following email to ask for his help. Note, this is exactly the kind of email or texts that you get from me on Saturday morning if you're fortunate/unfortunate enough to be my friend.)

"Subject: Seems like a job for you

So yesterday the most read article on Fox was about LeBron flashing his dick in the pregame warmups of Thursday night's finals game. Many of these results were arriving from Google.

That, of course, led me to wonder what city was searching the most for LeBron's penis?

I checked out google.com/trends to see if there was a city ranking.

But there wasn't.

Any ideas on where to get that data?"  

Turns out my search was not dumb enough. I was searching for "LeBron James penis" and "Lebron James dick." This was way too detailed for your average Google user. Who, as my buddy Chris Shaw expertly pointed out, was simply typing in:

"LeBron dick"

Shaw also limited my search from world wide -- sadly, Google doesn't have a map of world wide "LeBron dick," search terminology -- to United States. 

First, let's look at the Google search volume over the past five years for "LeBron dick." 

If this chart doesn't make you laugh, I honestly don't know why you're reading Outkick. 

Look at all the perverts!

The only city that had enough search data to be number one was New York City. So more people searched for "LeBron dick," from New York City than any other city in the country. 

But we were able to get the top eight states searching for "LeBron dick."

1. Ohio

This isn't really a surprise given that LeBron plays in Ohio and is from Ohio and that every man in Ohio secretly wants to sleep with LeBron. 

Might as well find out how hard you've got to work it, right?

2. Florida

Oh, the jilted lover dick pic search. 

Totally been there. 

3. Illinois

This was all Michael Jordan fans convinced that Jordan's dick was bigger. 

4. Pennsylvania

Chip Kelly. 

5. Georgia

Lots of thirsty people in Atlanta, evidently. 

6. New York 

While New York City was obsessed with LeBron's dick, it didn't register as much upstate. 

7. Texas

The Lone Star state loves them some LeBron dick. 

8. California

Again, not that surprising considering there was a California team playing in the game. 

So how about "LeBron penis?"

Again, the four year search graphic makes me laugh every time I see it. 

This time there are two cities that show up:

1. New York City

2. Chicago

Seriously, you Jordan fan boys really are all gay. 

How about the top eight states searching for "Lebron penis":

1. Ohio

2. Pennsylvania

3. New York

4. Florida

5. Illinois

6. California

7. Texas

8. Virginia

Note that Georgia was number five for "LeBron dick," but unranked for "LeBron penis." Instead, Virginia hops in the mix.

Taking population into account, it seems clear that the states of Georgia and Virginia were the most interested in LeBron's dick or penis. So congratulations to residents of both states on their penis obsessions.   

Anyway, here's Lebron's dick if you missed it. (I picked this video because the still image is a circle and an arrow. In case, you know, you aren't sure where the penis is located on the body). 




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