WATCH: Winsome Sears' Victory Speech May Be THE Definitive Sign That America's Back

The official injury report on the Democratic Party is in, and they are Questionable to return in 2022 and 2024 — courtesy of a black, Republican, female veteran who came along and kicked their narrative in the ass.

Democrats weren't ready for the fearless Winsome Sears: Virginia's "first female and woman of color to be elected to the office in 400-year history," according to by OutKick's Nick Geddes. Sears is also an ex-Marine, an avid supporter of gun rights and a full-fledged, God-loving American.

"When I joined the Marine Corps, I was still a Jamaican. But this country had done so much for me, I was willing, willing, to die for this country," Sears declared, following Tuesday's victory for the lieutenant governor seat in Virginia.

Still, the mainstream media remained mum on Sears' win and accomplishments, even criticizing her for being a black Republican.

Without their help, Sears won the race and delivered an incredible speech on reuniting America based on traditional values. She noted that the dream of getting to where she stood Tuesday night, as lieutenant governor-elect, was only possible in America.

"I'm telling you that what you are looking at is the American Dream," Sears proclaimed.

At the end of the speech, the crowd joined Sears in a U-S-A chant. A true American.


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