WATCH: Boston Mayor Gets Mercilessly Trolled Over COVID Restrictions During Q&A

Americans are raving over COVID mandates ... to be over.

And if you're one of the Americans still touting masks as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's time to log off.

Expecting to hold an innocuous Q&A session on Instagram Live, Boston mayor Michelle Wu quickly regretted her decision after being flooded with comments that challenged her support for mask-wearing.

Wu awkwardly waited for a single positive comment to come in, even threatening to end the Q&A early.

“You are ruining our great city,” said one of the attending viewers.

“How long will you mandate tyranny?” asked another Bostonian.

"MEDICAL TYRANNY," proclaimed another opponent.

“Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?” pressed another frustrated American, showcasing the self-awareness or concern that Democrats have dodged by embracing COVID restrictions.

Bostons remains one of the few hotspots holding on to mandatory masking.

States are starting to jump ship from the tiring routine of vaccine passports and masks that once worked as a ploy under the umbrella of the pandemic.

However, this isn't Mayor Wu's first run-in with reality.

Back in January, Boston City Hall was met with dozens of protesters that arrived to challenge a press conference held by Mayor Wu.

The protestors called for an answer to the negligence that has fueled Boston's rigid masking guidelines, assigned to all sects of labor and first responders.

Prior to becoming mayor, Wu — a former lawyer out of Harvard — worked for Sen. Elizabeth Warren during her presidential campaign bid in 2012.

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