WATCH: Bill Burr Joined Red Sox Broadcast Booth

Comedian Bill Burr managed to make mid-April baseball entertaining.

On Tuesday night, Burr used his two minutes of airtime to deliver comedic hits during a game between the Blue Jays and Red Sox that otherwise had all the excitement of PBS programming,

Burr, a longtime Boston sports fan, joined NESN – the Red Sox television broadcast partner – in the top half of the third inning to plug his new show and to provide a little comic relief to a game in which just three runs scored.

No opener was needed for Burr, who came out of the gates hot, mimicking the batter's box antics of former Red Sox rival Derek Jeter. Burr demonstrated how Jeter managed to convince umpires to call a pitch a ball, even when it was clearly a strike.

"I swear to God, like six times out of ten he’d get a ball. Granted, he was one of the greatest who ever did it," said Burr.

Sit back and watch Burr's act:

After he warmed up with Jeter, Burr shifted his attention to another AL East team that Red Sox fans love to hate: the Blue Jays.

“I gotta tell you, Toronto talking trash really kind of lit a fire. It’s really bugging me," joked Burr.

After NESN's regular broadcasters opined that Blue Jays fans can be a talkative bunch when the Sox come to town, Burr continued, "Canada in general is low-key hostile. They try to act like they’re the best white people. It’s like, ‘Dude, there were people here before you, so get off your high horse.’”

Conveniently enough, as Burr was ribbing Toronto, a batter for the Blue Jays struck out to end the inning, bringing Burr's stay in the booth to a premature end. But before NESN cut to commercial, Burr hit one more out of the park, this time about some questionably colored Vitamin Water.

"Oh I got a Vitamin Water!" exclaimed Burr. "Who drinks this stuff? Are you guys advertising on that? Look at that. That looks like a dirty pool.

"Are electrolytes even real?"

In all, the Burr cameo was a home run for NESN, Boston, and bored baseball fans everywhere.

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