Washington Football Team Gear Is Now Available & It's Not Very Impressive

If you've been waiting to go shopping for Washington Football Team gear, it's time to start spending money because the Football Team is starting to show up in the Fanatics store and you'll want to be socially correct while socially distancing from your football friends this fall in your man cave.

Is your wife looking for new gear? How about a 'Washington' shirt with an outline of the District of Columbia? Are you looking for a 'Washington' hat to complete your look this fall? Fanatics is selling a New Era hat that will have all your socially conscious friends begging for a URL in your Facebook comments.

You can even throw down $20 and get a Washington Football Team mask for those Whole Foods runs to stock up on organic boneless skinless chicken breast to go in your buffalo chicken dip featuring pasture butter.

The world has moved on from the Redskins team name controversy, but a deal is a deal and Daniel Snyder now needs you to go out and buy the new team gear that will be replaced by even newer team gear in the next couple years. Do your part to support the Football Team and blow $20 on a 'W' neck gaiter for your wife who hates the way a mask makes her neck look in Snap photos.

via Fanatics.com

via Fanatics.com

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