Wal Mart Fight Video Is Most Wal Mart Video Possible

You may not be perfect. But odds are you have never been in a fight in a Wal Mart shampoo aisle. 

You may not be a perfect parent, but odds are you haven't encouraged your son to kick a woman in the head while you've got her pinned in the Wal Mart shampoo aisle either. 

Two things these women can no longer say. (The fact that one of the catfighters is in a YOLO shirt is too ironic for words). 

(Note: this happened in Indiana. For once the South wasn't responsible for stupid people doing stupid things in Wal Mart.)

Also, how about the woman getting out of her motorized scooter to fight? This just proves my theory that 85% of people on motorized scooters are just on them because they are lazy fat asses, not because they actually need them.  


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