Vince McMahon Names WWE Asking Price

Vince McMahon returned to WWE earlier this year to explore a sale of the company.

And according to Bloomberg, McMahon has set his price at $9 billion.

“A valuation of $9 billion amounts to about seven times the company’s $1.29 billion in sales last year, and 23 times its adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization, both at the high end for the entertainment industry," Bloomberg reports.

WWE has a current market value of about $6.5 billion, 37 percent less than McMahon's asking price.

The report states McMahon has already received offers for the brand.

It would behoove WWE to agree to a sale before the fall of 2023 when the company will begin to renegotiate its television rights.

Selling the promotion post-negotiations could limit the interest from potential suitors that'd otherwise purchase WWE for exclusive distribution.

OutKick listed several potential suitors in January, including current broadcast partners Comcast and Fox Corp.

But perhaps more likely are Endeavor Group Holdings, the owner of UFC, and Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

Longtime wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer claims the latter remains "in the hunt," despite backlash following a dubious DAZN report that WWE had already agreed to terms with the Saudis.

Endeavor could couple WWE with UFC and turn the agency into a negotiating powerhouse with the leading brands in combat sports.

Disney Out?

Disney has become a less likely buyer following a dismal year in 2022. Disney CEO Bob Iger has already announced plans to cut $2.5 billion in sales and general administrative expenses, and another $3 million from a reduction in non-sports content.

Purchasing WWE would contradict said strategy.

Elsewhere, tech companies like Netflix and Amazon currently have the funds to outbid for WWE. However, streamers could find WWE less appealing with its value tied so greatly to television distribution.

As many subscribers as WWE would convert to streaming -- see its success on Peacock -- locking its weekly programs behind a paywall would diminish the average of 2 million viewers who consume its television shows per week.

How much would Vince pocket?

Should WWE sell for $9 billion, Vince McMahon stands to pocked around $3 billion.

Wrestling Observer recently provided details on what each key company figure would earn should the company sell for $8 billion, the speculated asking price prior to Friday's news.

-- Vince McMahon: $2.5 billion

• Stephanie McMahon: $170 million

• Linda McMahon: $50.3 million

• Kevin Dunn: $24.2 million

• Nick Khan: $13.8 million

• Frank Riddick: $10.9 million

• Paul "Triple H" Levesque: $8.3 million

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