VIDEO: Woman Throws Tantrum, Sits on Floor at Costco After Asked to Wear Her Mask

Not even your weekly trip to Costco is absent of madness anymore. At a Hillsboro, Ore. store, a woman caused a wild scene while refusing to wear a mask.

The woman was so determined to not wear the mask that was dangling from her ear, she even sat on the floor to prove it.

The woman didn't have a medical reason for not wearing it, but did have a reason. “I am a United States citizen," she yelled. That excuse wasn't good enough for the worker, though.

“Okay, well, you have to wear your mask in Costco though. It's a private property,” the employee responded. “There is something hanging off your ear right now,”

“No! I am not a member of Costco,” the angry customer explained.

After this back-and-forth, the woman asked to speak to the boss of the Costco (while waiting on the floor).

Enter the store general manager:

“I am an American. I have constitutional rights," she said.

It's not clear what stores this customer wears a mask in.