Video Game Company Fires Woman For Following Conservative Accounts, Liking Harry Potter

A video game company abruptly fired community manager Kara Lynne earlier this month. Limited Run Games (LRG) parted ways with Lynne amid a pressure campaign from a transgender activist.

The company caved after the activist unveiled to the public the real Kara Lynne. It turns out, Lynne is a fan of Harry Potter. She also follows notable conservative media accounts on Twitter.

How did she ever pass a background check?

Lynne tells National Review the pressure to fire her began when a friend of hers and influencer for Twitch asked followers their thoughts on the new Harry Potter–themed video game, Hogwarts Legacy.

Unbeknownst of thought crimes, Lynne promptly responded as follows:

“I’m personally looking forward to it! The more I see gameplay, the more excited I get. It’s hitting all the marks I’ve been wanting for a Harry Potter game."

Trans activists continue to smear anyone associated with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of series author J. K. Rowling.

"Renowned British author J. K. Rowling has earned the hatred of many social-justice progressives for speaking out against the more extreme demands of the transgender movement, which she argues have begun encroaching on female-only spaces, imperiling women and girls and denying them the right to fair competition in sports," NR explains.

Meet "Purple Tinker"

Lynne's public endorsement of Harry Potter caught the eye of a Twitter account called "Purple Tinker" (@prpltnkr).

According to the Washington Post, transgender activist Jessica Blank is behind the account. Blank is also the founder of BronyCon, an annual convention for adult fans of "My Little Pony."

“There is a huge, huge discourse going on in the gaming sphere in which a lot of people are saying, ‘If you support this game in any way, you’re also supporting J.K. Rowling,'” Lynne explains. “I have this feeling that this is kind of where it stemmed from.”

Blank scoured Lynne’s timeline for past tweets she could use to pressure LRG to dismiss the Harry Potter fan. Blank landed on a seven-year-old tweet criticizing transgender-inclusive bathroom legislation.

“If you think the # of trans crying about using a bathroom is higher than the perves using the excuse, then you are what is wrong with the world," read Lynne’s tweet.

Next up, Purple Tinker notified LRG via Twitter that they employ a woman who follows -- wait for it -- conservatives online.

Also known as a fireable offense at the company.

"The community manager for @LimitedRunGames, @/KaraLynne0326, is a transphobe who follows a veritable who's who of right-wing transphobic creeps," Purple Tinker wrote. "Unless and until she is fired from the company permanently, I am not giving them another single dime."

The gaming brand swiftly terminated Lynne upon learning she followed Libs of TikTok, actress Gina Carano, and political commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

Lynne says her bosses never informed her following the wrong accounts could cost her the job:

“In that call, I will say that there were a lot of emotions,” on she goes. “I could tell they didn’t want to do what they were doing and even said they didn’t want to. They were being pressured from elsewhere. From what I was told, there were no other options presented.”
“I had never been written up or reprimanded. I had never abused my power or personal opinions on the various social channels,” she continued. “I even refrained from commenting or interacting with any political content or controversial topics on my personal social-media accounts. This one isolated incident was apparently all it took. At least that is what I have been led to believe. If there was another reason, I was not informed.”

Of course, a firing does not satisfy a vulture like Jessica Blank. They immediately move the goalpost after a target meets their first command.

Blank next demanded a refund for "over $1200 in pending orders" for her troubles and hurt feelings.

So, following accounts other than the leftists is now career suicide. As is liking Harry Potter. That is where we are in 2023.

A smear merchant disguised as a trans activist like Blank can request your firing that easily, and win.

Consider that Lynne didn't tweet about politics. She merely followed those who represent the opinions of the apparently wrong side of the country.

"I honestly forgot that I was following most of them,” she said.

That said, need not worry if you follow left-wing bigots. Purple Tinker won't mind. In fact, they hope you follow them should you venture in that direction of woke bigotry.

Cancel culture does exist. And it's escalating. The story of  Kara Lynne proves precisely so.

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