Vermont Is Close To Hitting All-Time Covid Highs, Is This Ron DeSantis’ Fault?

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid tried to characterize Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a child murderer based on his state's loosened COVID restrictions and lower vaccination rates.

Using logic predicated on the same guidelines and mixed messaging given by the CDC and Dr. Fauci, Reid embodied the idiocy of the Left's mission to transform what started out as a pandemic into a political ideology designed to split the nation — especially when the new standard equates a lack of COVID restrictions to murder.

While the media attempts to reprimand Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for a lack of compliance with COVID mandates, the tale of other states currently held hostage by COVID restrictions and above-average vaccination rates are experiencing the same spikes in cases.

Vermont — a state boasting the highest rate of vaccination in the United States — has seen a sharp increase in cases parallel to Florida.

The vaxxed state is close to hitting a peak in COVID cases, but Reid and the media remain mum.

Still implementing indoor mask mandates and leading the nation in promoting vaccines, Vermont's strategy could be considered a success by Reid, Fauci, the media and Pres. Biden — even if the data suggests that the strategy is a failure.

Outkick's Clay Travis called out the Left for criticizing Republican leaders breaking away from COVID restrictions as the nation's most vaccinated states continue to see skyrocketing breakthrough numbers.

"Vermont is one of the most vaccinated states in the country and is about to hit an all-time high in covid cases. Look forward to Joe Biden and the media telling me how this is all Ron DeSantis’s fault," tweeted Clay.

The people of Vermont have remained compliant with changing COVID restrictions. A Hinesburg local named Bill was interviewed by Seven Days and gave his account on the mired outlook for people that are abiding by Gov. Phil Scott's COVID restrictions, but are still falling victim to breakthrough cases.

"Most of us had been lulled into the idea that we didn't even necessarily have to wear masks," said Bill, including his fully vaccinated 79-year-old wife as another recipient of a breakthrough COVID case. "We were opening up our lives again."

He added, "I am reminding myself of what we don't know, rather than what we do know, because so much of what we thought we knew has been wrong." 

Bill also mentioned how the indefinite mandates are manifesting into a "depression" among the state's people.

"It's not clinical depression; it's circumstantial depression — what we used to call in the '60s and '70s 'existential dread.' Those are the things that have lingered with me." 

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