Vegas Airport Slot Gives Up Jackpot, Shooter McGavin With Ladies & Vikings TikTok Challenge

I know some of you savage investors have been waiting for a moment like this

That's right, Vegas mortgage missed payments have shot up to 8.5% in April, double the number in March and it doesn't take a market genius to figure things could get much worse this summer if there's another drastic shutdown. Las Vegas’ unemployment rate, just 3.9 percent in February, shot up to a jaw-dropping 34 percent in April after Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered casinos and other businesses closed in March to help contain the virus’ spread.

It's true that more casinos are opening, but it's also true that tourists have cooled on traveling to Sin City since the initial reopening in June. Roughly 350,000 visitors were estimated to be in Clark County casinos Saturday, the lowest Saturday count since casinos reopened on June 4, according to a Monday note from J.P. Morgan analyst Joseph Greff.

Leave some dry powder for real estate. You missed out during the Great Recession, this time you need to get yourself a place to stay during the World Series of Poker month.

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