Urban Meyer To Dan Dakich: Defending Chiefs Hill, Kelce A 'Chess Match'

If you think the Kansas City Chiefs have spent the past several seasons playing a different game than the rest of the NFL, you're not alone. Urban Meyer is of the opinion that Kansas City's been playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. And if opposing teams plan to checkmate the AFC's reigning king, they'll have to get on board.

"When you watch the Kansas City Chiefs play right now, (try to) stop Tyreek Hill. Can you stop Tyreek Hill?...I'm not saying stop him, but you can control him," Meyer told OutKick's Dan Dakich Monday morning during an appearance on Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich. "But you certainly can't stop him and (Travis) Kelce. You can't do it.

"That's where you gotta pick your poison," Meyer continued. "And it becomes a chess match."

Over the last four seasons, opponents have consistently needed to call poison control following a date with KC. As of next weekend, the Chiefs will have played in four straight AFC Championship Games and won at least two of them.

The main reason why they've been so successful? Their Grandmaster, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whom Meyer says has plenty of kings and queens helping him navigate his way across the board.

"You take a great point guard and surround him by not very good players, he's OK. You can stop one guy," said Meyer. "Mahomes is incredible. Patrick Mahomes is as good as I've ever seen play, but don't kid yourself, he's surrounded by a really good group."

To Meyer's point, Hill and Kelce combined for 19 catches, 246 yards and two touchdowns in Kansas City's Divisional Round win over Buffalo Sunday evening.

Maybe Meyer's onto something. Up to this point, the other 31 NFL teams have been nothing more than pawns in Kansas City's MasterClass.


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