UNC QB Drake Maye Is Stealthily Putting Up Absurd Numbers

North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye isn't getting nearly the attention he deserves.

The Tar Heels are currently 7-1, and while most of the college football world is focused on the QB debate between C.J. Stroud, Hendon Hooker and Bryce Young, Maye's numbers are comically large.

Saturday night during a 42-24 win over Pitt, the freshman quarterback threw for five touchdowns, 388 yards and completed 77.3% of his passes.

On the season, his numbers look straight out of the "NCAA Football" video game. Through eight games, Maye has 29 passing touchdowns and 2,671 passing yards. He has also rushed for three scores and 439 yards.

While people were certainly noticing his performance on social media, Drake Maye is still not getting the attention he deserves.

The young man averages more than 3.6 passing touchdowns a game. That's an absurd stat.

If any player on Alabama, Georgia or Ohio State had his numbers, he'd be talked about around the clock.

Because Drake Maye plays for UNC - a team that is currently 7-1 and in first place of the ACC Coastal - the media doesn't seem to care nearly as much.

Yes, he doesn't play the same competition you see in the Big Ten or SEC, but numbers are numbers and wins are wins. Drake Maye is simply producing at a level rarely seen in college football.

Not only does Drake Maye deserve to get more attention, he should 100% be in the Heisman conversation. After Saturday night, it's clear the young man is a star.