Unbelievably, Los Angeles Recommends Residents Return To Wearing Masks

Just when you thought it was over, masks are back.

Well, to be fair, it’ll never be over for many far-left areas of the country like Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that masks do not work to prevent the spread of COVID, LA wants to bring them back.

ABC 7 in Los Angeles posted that the county is changing their recommendations due to ”sharply rising” infection rates.

While falling short of a mandate, this severe overreaction is an indication that the county will inevitably return to mandates shortly.

This ”strong” recommendation also comes despite Los Angeles proving repeatedly that masks don’t work.

In December 2021, public health officials conducted spot mask compliance checks across the county. They found that over 95% of businesses and customers were complying with the mandate.

Cases immediately skyrocketed to record-breaking heights regardless.

Naturally, public health officials completely ignored that 95% compliance was entirely useless at preventing unchecked infection rates.

When you have an opportunity to do something that conclusively doesn’t work, you have to take it.

Endless Mask Absurdity

This isn’t even the most insane mask related news this week.

Just recently, an extremely poorly-done study made the ridiculous claim that school masking could stop racism.


If you hadn’t already entirely lost faith and trust in public health ”experts,” that should do it.

It’s hard to believe that nearly three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, people are still pretending masks work.

Abundant evidence has accumulated all over the world that government policy is unable to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

Even now, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong all rank near the top of the global case rate rankings.

South Korea, with consistent universal masking, flew past the United States in cumulative case rates.

None of this seems to matter to those in charge.

Maintaining ideological purity and a desperate illusion of control is far more important than accepting reality.

COVID is going to infect everyone, multiple times throughout their life. Even if masks worked, which they don’t, what’s the point of trying to avoid the unavoidable?

Vaccinations and boosters have been available for years now. Yet authorities in LA won’t let it end.

It seems like they never can, because then their power and influence would finally fade to nothingness. Where it always should have been.