UCLA Football Players Threaten Mutiny Over Chip Kelly Distrust

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that UCLA football players held a team meeting last night, and that after it 30 of them supported a document that requests a third party health official to oversee COVID-19 prevention protocols because they do not trust the program to be administered by Chip Kelly. Via the story:

The story continued with a threat to boycott essentially all ancillary program activities if their demands are not met:

The LAT story also includes more background on how the meeting came together, a statement in response from UCLA said: “There aren’t sides on this. It’s not our side versus their side. We’re all working toward the same goal, and we want them to feel comfortable and confident in the plan that we’ve put into place.”

It will merit monitoring to see if this is going to be an issue across college football, or one that is more unique to the fact that mistrust of Chip Kelly has been a motif amongst players for years across multiple jobs.

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