Tyreek Hill Goes Overboard In Effort To Build Up Tua Tagovailoa Confidence

The Tyreek Hill campaign to build up Tua Tagovailoa may be off the rails now.

It was cool when Hill signed a four-year, $120 million extension once he was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins that the Pro Bowl receiver immediately embraced his new quarterback.

Hill told anyone who would listen that Tagovailoa, entering his third NFL season, has elite accuracy. And not just elite accuracy, but better accuracy than his former quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

"Accuracy wise, I'm going with Tua all day," Hill said on a podcast.

No issues. People get an opinion.

Plus Hill's intention here is clear and that is to lift Tagovailoa's confidence and show him the elite receiver has his back and believes in him -- even when comparing him to a Super Bowl winning QB he played with the past five seasons.

But Monday, Hill went an unfortunate step further.

Hill, appearing on ESPN's First Take, was discussing why he chose the Dolphins over the New York Jets when the trade for him was being negotiated and in the process the receiver delivered this:

"Zach Wilson is a dog," Hill said of the Jets second-year quarterback, "but I wanted to play with the most accurate quarterback in the NFL."

Oh boy.

So, my chief question is did Hill mean dog, as in bad, or dog as in good? Either way, how does that help Hill or Tagovailoa?

I mean, it's good media fodder. It's interesting to fans who love players talking about other players. But how is this a net-plus for the Dolphins and how does this (possible) unsolicited shot across the bow of a rival team quarterback show class?

It doesn't.

Anyway, Tagovailoa, trying to live up to the expectations of being the No. 5 overall selection in the 2020 draft, has enough eyes on him already to have everyone expecting him to be the most accurate passer in the NFL.

Tagovailoa is not the most accurate quarterback in the NFL. It's simply not true.

Tagovailoa last season completed 67.8 percent of his passes. That's very good. It was seventh-best in the NFL.

But seventh-best is not best.

And Tagovailoa has a career 66.2 percent completion percentage. Dolphins backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a career 66.5 percent completion percentage. So Tagovailoa isn't the most statistically accurate passer on his own team.

Maybe Hill is prophesying, predicting, hoping for something to manifest in the future. Dolphins fans definitely would be with him on that front.

But this is starting to feel like someone trying too hard.

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