It takes the same number of words to describe a football game as the number of words Joe Biden thinks are in the phrase "Made in America."

Two-word game: Week 5 edition.

Colts 12, Broncos 9 OT

Russ's cooked.

Giants 27, Packers 22

Statement win?

Bills 38, Steelers 3

Different leagues.

Chargers 30, Falcons 28

Kicking woes.

Vikings 29, Bears 22

Mehh, whatever.

Patriots 29, Lions

Loser Lions.

Saints 39, Seahawks 32

Taysom Football.

Jets 40, Dolphins 17

Broadway Zach?

Bucs 21, Falcons 15

"Roughing" call.

Titans 21, Commanders 17

Wincing Wentz.

Texans 13, Jags 6

Fraudulent Jags.

49ers 37, Panthers 15

"New Rhules."

Cowboys 22, Rams 10

Sacked again.

Eagles 20, Cardinals 17

Failed assignment.

Ravens 20, Bengals 17

Tucker time.

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