Two-Word Game: NFL Week 6

Describing a football game requires one more word than the number of QBs who can make this leap:

Commanders 12, Bears 7

That's football?

Falcons 28, 49ers 14

Mario-ta's galaxy.

Patriots 38, Browns 15

Zappe's zip.

Jets 27, Packers 10

Uhh, what?

Colts 34, Jags 27

Buncha frauds.

Vikings 24, Dolphins 16

Day-tine Cousins.

Bengals 30, Saints 26

Roaring back.

Giants 24, Ravens 20

Lamar choked.

Steelers 20, Bucs 18

Tampa baked.

Rams 24, Panthers 10

Showtime Skowronek.

Seahawks 19, Cardinals

Russ who?

Bills 24, Chiefs 20



Eagles 26, Cowboys 17

Cooper Rush-ed.

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