Twitter Files Reveal Adam Schiff Lied About Russian Interference in the 2016 Election, So Where Are the Calls For His Resignation?

Adam Schiff misled the American people about the impact of Russian bots on the 2016 election.

That's what the latest installment of the Twitter Files revealed, as it was posted Thursday by journalist Matt Taibbi.

The Twitter Files have uncovered any number of concerning aspects of government interference and incompetence. Now we can add Schiff's name to the list of parties who lied about what they knew.


Taibbi posted that a report came out showing flaws in the investigation of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, Democrats moved to undermine it.

But Twitter told them at the time that there was no "significant activity actually connected to Russia with respect to Tweets posting original content" related to the "release the memo" hashtag.

The letter Twitter sent was directly addressed to Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff, leading Democrats.

Yet they continued, especially Schiff to run with the narrative that the Russians led a disinformation campaign to impact the election.

Adam Schiff Knew Russian Bot Influence Was Virtually Nonexistent

Even the Washington Post now admits that bots played a minimal to nonexistent role in impacting the 2016 election.

But Schiff and his compatriots in the Democratic Party, people like Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, spread that inaccuracy regardless.

Twitter executives specifically checked to see if activity could be traced back to Russia, and repeatedly came up empty.

But Schiff and his compatriots continued to make media appearances making a claim they already knew to be disproven.

So why hasn't anyone called for his resignation?

Many have, perhaps rightfully, called for the resignation of newly elected Representative George Santos. Santos lied about his background, in multiple ways, to help his electoral chances.

While inexcusable and inappropriate, his misrepresentations were self-serving and limited in impact.

Schiff's lies had far-reaching, long-lasting consequences.

Millions of people still believe there was collusion between Donald Trump and Russia to help him get elected. Entirely inaccurate beliefs that will never be corrected, thanks to misinformation from Schiff and his allies.

He knew Russian bots weren't driving the conversation on Twitter. It just didn't matter, because hurting Donald Trump was more important.

It's amazing that those who most ferociously claim to be concerned about protecting our democracy often do the most to undermine it.

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