Twitter Can't Stand A-Rod's Playoff Coverage And Neither Can We

Alex Rodriguez is partnered with Matt Vasgersian for today's Braves-Reds game 1 on ESPN and Twitter hates it. No one has much of gripe with Vasgersian, but we can count the people that enjoy A-Rod's coverage on one hand.

Alex Rodriguez is one of the least self aware human beings on earth and that plays a large role in why he isn't liked. He's trying to predict baseball like Romo does for the NFL, but it just won't work. Tony Romo can do the job he does because he played the most mentally demanding positions in the sport. A-Rod thinks he can just jump in on that brilliance by trying.

Doesn't help that A-Rod spent the last year pandering to MLB owners so they would approve of his potential purchase of the Mets. Fans in general aren't very receptive to people that pretend to be anybody else. Rodriguez was money hungry during his playing career to collect $480 million, then he wanted to be pro-owner, now he wants to be Romo.

His obsession to control narrative has him making points that take 15 minutes to explain and it's bad for playoff baseball. A-Rod needs to tone it down or ESPN needs to find someone else to cover these games. Anyone other than Jessica Mendoza, of course.

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Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr