Turns Out Gwen Berry Was A Jerk On Twitter

After gaining media coverage for turning her back on the American flag during an Olympic trials event, more evidence of Gwen Berry's problematic past with messaging have surfaced — proving the athlete's intentions fail to be as pure as the media promotes.

The tweets by Gwen Berry, with time stamps dating back to 2011 and 2012, showcased a series of racist and crude sentiments launched by the self-proclaimed Activist Athlete.

According to Fox News, Twitter users discovered the tweets from Berry's profile that threaten violence against White children, while also throwing some racist jabs at people of Asian and Hispanic descent.

Berry has been hailed for her political message on display and in protest against the American Flag at a time when political pandering infiltrates the sports world.

With a growing list of sports companies pledging their allegiance to opposing influences, the position for American athletes to make anti-American sentiments carry little to no consequence, as shown by Berry's recent stunts and response.

When asked if she would be willing to perform a similar stunt on the world stage — despite IOC's ruling against the move — Berry did not leave out the possibility.

"We’ll see. You know, it just depends. It depends," said Berry in an interview on CNN. "You know everything is a spur of the moment. It depends on how I’m feeling and depends on what I want to do in that moment and what I want to do for my people in that moment. And I will do whatever comes upon me and whatever is in my heart."

Frequently heard fighting back against her critics in defense of her position as a "martyr," Berry has collected a following that hail the hammer thrower as a symbol against America's oppression — without much recognition for tweets that Berry has yet to throw away.

The tweets remain active on her account.

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