Trump-Supporter Nick Bosa Jersey Sales Skyrocketing

Usually, jersey sales are predictable and fail to generate discussion. This is 2020, and past trends are dead.

One does not fit. The first four are obvious: four of the biggest name QBs in the NFL. Then at five, Nick Bosa, a defensive end, enters. Bosa is a great player but far from the fifth-biggest draw — maybe on either side of the ball. Though, looking closer, his ranking made sense.

The NFL — and every other popular form of entertainment — is now aggressively political. Sunday's top story came from the Ravens, who stood for the black national anthem but knelt for the national anthem. Presumably, the racist and divisive, as Clay Travis put it, act alienated another set of sports fans. Meaning: the ones left, which based on the NFL's opening night and the NBA's ratings, is a number fast dwindling. Vocal athletes are not merely political, they are left-wing partisans. As a result, it has forced right-wing sports fans to turn away and strengthen their support for conservatives. In comes Nick Bosa.

Over a year ago, Bosa was absurdly charged with the crime of supporting President Donald Trump. Bosa once said he was a "big fan" of Trump's. Adding: "He brings a charisma that no other candidate has in my lifetime."

His support for the President of the United States wasn't Bosa's only charge from the media. Bosa also accurately called Colin Kaepernick a "clown." Furthermore, Bosa was found guilty of not agreeing Black Panther is an all-time film. In his opinion, it was the "worst Marvel movie."

The woke mob's pushback was pathetic and vicious. Thus, football fans were afraid to support him. Finally, enough have realized the dangers in agreement by fear. Now, fans are actively buying and wearing Bosa's jerseys.

Nothing the 49er said was offensive, hurtful, or racist. Instead, each comment was subjective, reasonable, and harmless. Just as it is to vote for Joe Biden, support Kaepernick, and rank Black Panther the best Marvel movie.

When cable news went woke, Tucker Carlson became a star. Nick Bosa appears next. Get rich, Nick.

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