Trump Says Clay Travis, Dave Portnoy Should Moderate 2024 Debate

Could it happen?

Last week, Donald Trump told Hugh Hewitt that he thinks that Clay Travis and Dave Portnoy should moderate a presidential debate in 2024.

Hewitt: "You used to be interviewed by people like David Portnoy and Clay Travis. I am curious, when the Republicans do their debates for 2024, should they use people like Portnoy and Travis and me and people who aren't part of the regular gang that gets to do these debates?"

Trump: "You'd be great. And Clay would be great. Portnoy would be great. You shouldn't use a Chris Wallace. He's terrible. He was terrible. He had no control of the debate."

There you have it. You can listen to the audio discussion here.

Now to the questions.

Who would be the best choice: Clay or Portnoy? We ask, you decide.

Could they co-exist as co-moderators? Is it only for a night? Last I saw, Clay and Portnoy were getting along well. So probably.

To answer your final question:

When was the last time a stage has had the combined ego and confidence of Donald Trump, Clay Travis, and Dave Portnoy?


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