Top 5 Worst Foods that Shorten Life Expectancy

We are not telling you to avoid the following foods. We are just forewarning you that they may shorten your time alive.

The University of Michigan, which finally beat Ohio State, compiled a list of popular foods that could increase or decrease life expectancy.

Big win for daily peanut butter and jam consumers:

The researchers didn't explain how french fries could keep you alive longer, but we will take it. It's been a long time since fries have received positive press.

I know what you are thinking: only -8 minutes for a double cheeseburger? Not a bad trade-off.

Though, technically, if you put a slice of bacon under the bun, a must, you could be down another 6 minutes. Not great.

Now, to the hot dog. The University of Michigan says each hot dog you eat shortens your lifespan by 36 minutes. That's longer than an episode of Seinfeld.

Those late-night July 4 cookouts have more consequences than just a next-day headache.

Also, rough look for the Americans who line up for $0.99 coney day at the local A&W. Is A&W complicit in some criminal conspiracy?

Worth it: yes or no?

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