Titans Fire Mike Mularkey!

What an incredible day already.

Here's my emergency Outkick the Show breaking down a tremendous day for Titan fans.

I didn't think Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk had the balls to do it -- especially not after they said Mike Mularkey would be back -- but credit to her for making a total helicopter dick move here. Mularkey was, at best, a 9-7 coach and his offensive coaching staff was painful to watch.

There may have never been a bigger coaching mismatch in NFL playoff history than what we saw with the Titans staff going up against the Patriots staff this weekend. So what do you do? You go get Josh McDaniels and pair him with Marcus Mariota, the best young quarterback in the NFL. (By the way, I'm done with all the Mariota criticism from all you racists out there. I'm not going to stand for it any more. Especially not on Martin Luther King's birthday. Just shameful behavior by all you racists to impugn the best young quarterback in the NFL's name. From this point forward I'm the Al Sharpton of Marcus Mariota racism allegations. If any of you even breathe a hint of criticism against Marcus Mariota, boom, RACISM CARD! I'm dealing the racism card from the deck faster than Shaun King when he's given a bad table at a Mississippi Cracker Barrel.)

Huge day for the Titans franchise.

Not only did we manage to win a playoff game with the best young quarterback in the NFL, but we also got rid of Mularkey and are going to hire Josh McDaniels? Perfection. This is like winning the battle and then winning the war too. (Instead of winning the battle and losing the war. This keeps the Titans win over the Chiefs from being the Titans Chancellorsville.)

By the way, if Amy Adams Strunk really wants to become a Tennessee legend, you know what she'd do? Go hire Nick Saban. Can you imagine if Saban took over the Titans? I'd stop wearing pants during football games. I swear to God I would. And what if Saban and I become buddies? We could just sit around all day long motherfucking people dumber than us. Best buddy movie ever made. like "Beverly Hills Cop" without the cops or the black guy or the Beverly Hills.

Anyway, happy Martin Luther King day.

And god bless America.

And stop being racist against Marcus Mariota.

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