‘Tired Of The Horse Sh!%’: Oregon Republican Releases Epic Campaign Video

Move over Scrantonicity. There’s a new must-see promo video hitting the web. But instead of promoting the Electric City, this amazing 30-second ad calls for the good people of Oregon to vote for gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton -- who, quite simply, is tired of "the horse sh!%."

In the video, Barton, a Republican, combines March Madness with good ol' fashioned Oregonian cussing to reach voters on a very real level: “Republican Bridget Barton, the ‘No Horse Sh!% Outsider’ for Governor.”

This is possibly the greatest, and without a doubt, the most entertaining campaign video in recent memory. WATCH:

In the ad, Barton, 68, knocks down jumpers with an ease not seen in Oregon since Terry Porter was tickling the twine for the Trail Blazers back in the '90s. Her horses, meanwhile, help reiterate her message and create a rugged, agricultural background that could speak to many rural voters.

The conservative small business owner -- whom her campaign describes as “an outsider who’s focused on solutions to Oregon’s biggest problems such as crime, addiction, mental health and education” -- drains jumpers while listing the biggest problems Oregonians face, using HORSE as an acronym:

“H - insanely High gas and grocery prices; illegal cartel Heroin, fentanyl and opioids on our streets, killing our kids.

O - Outrageous mandates, shortages, and gun violence.

R - even Republicans let it happen and didn’t stop the madness.

S - State capitol politicians make it so much worse with shutdowns, extra gas and green taxes, defunded police, onerous mandates and regulations.

E + S-h-! - % - stands for Everyone knows you get the same Sh!% electing the same failed politicians.”

Fortunately for viewers and voters alike, Barton saves the best for last. She ends the campaign video with a smooth, behind-the-back move before sinking an overhead, no-look bank shot as seamless as Jim Halpert's warehouse layups.

Barton’s ad will run locally throughout the NCAA Tournament until April 4th.

The opposition should quit horsing around and consider bowing out of this race. It’s obvious, the hay’s in the barn.


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