This Week In Funny Wikipedia Edits

Besides being a tremendous instant resource for quick consumption of facts and information, one of the best features of Wikipedia is that anybody can edit the pages.  Of course, sometimes people take advantage of the site's open policy by editing certain pages with the sole intention to ridicule a person, place, or thing.  While these types of revisions are usually erased within minutes, they are up long enough for people to grab their screenshots.   Here are some of the most notable Wikipedia edits from this past week.


After ESPN reported that the FBI has wiretapped phone calls between Arizona basketball head coach Sean Miller and a runner for an agent about a $100,000 payment to star center Deandre Ayton, people assumed that Miller's coaching career was over. Miller and Ayton have categorically denied the ESPN Report, which has been the subject of some skepticism .

At a press conference last Thursday, Miller reiterated his innocence and slammed ESPN's reporting.  Among Miller's comments:

After the presser, someone had a little fun with ESPN's Wikipedia page, and gave the worldwide leader a new owner:


Whenever an NBA player is posterized or made to look foolish, there is a good chance that his Wikipedia page will be edited to denote his "death."  That is precisely what happened to Pistons forward Anthony Tolliver, who was posterized by Raptors star Demar DeRozan with four seconds left in the 4th quarter of the Raptors/Pistons contest in Detroit Wednesday night.

Toronto won the game 121-119 in overtime and DeRozan's "murder" was noted on Tolliver's page:


Saturday afternoon, Michigan beat Michigan State in the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Semifinal.  It was the Wolverines' second win over their in-state rival this season and third win in a row over the Spartans dating back to last season. After Saturday's game a Michigan fan had some fun at the expense of "little brother" Michigan State:


Arie Luyendyk, Jr., this season's Bachelor on ABC's series The Bachelor, drew the ire of millions of people around the country on Sunday night's season finale. Luyendyk, a race car driver, initially proposed to contestant Becca, who happily accepted.  However, after a case of cold feet, he reneged on the proposal, leaving Becca in tears. Then, during Monday's "After the Final Rose" episode, he asked another contestant Lauren, who he had previously rejected, to marry him instead. Not a good look, Arie. Of course, after the drama, someone couldn't help editing Arie's page:


When you are the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, you can expect a substantial amount of criticism and ridicule.  It comes with the job.  I'm sure Paul Ryan expected to be called spineless by some, but I doubt he expected to be included on a table in the Wikipedia Page "Invertebrate" that lists living invertebrate species, but here we are:


Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho recently made the news this past week after privately accepting the same job with the New York Public School system, only to change his mind and stay in Miami. Carvahlo cited an emergency schoolboard meeting in Miami, where young students begged and pleaded for him to stay, as one of the main reasons for his sudden change of heart.  However, according to his Wiki page, the real reason he stayed was that he realized "he would never find a better cafecito anywhere else."


Meet Shane Vieau, he's the guy to the left of the Speaker in this picture. He's wearing sunglasses and a jacket with sleeves cut off at his forearms, while accepting the Academy Award for Best Production Design for his work as a set decorator and production designer on the movie The Shape of Water. His outfit caused a bit of a stir on the internet.

During the show, someone created a Wikipedia page for Vieau (via @abkurbs twitter):