The Worst Week of Tim Tebow's Life

Professional sports are a funny thing.  Just two Friday’s ago, Tim Tebow was riding high.  As had been the case for most of his life, things were going his way.  His NFL career was seemingly going to plan.  Despite the lockout, Tebow’s off-season couldn’t have gone better.  He picked up multiple endorsement deals, his autobiography “Through My Eyes” was a New York Times best seller, the lockout ended, word came out that the Broncos planned on trading two year starter Kyle Orton and the keys to the Broncos kingdom were being handed to young Tebow, training camp was preparing to start and...

(Record scratch!)

Word comes that the Orton trade has fallen apart!  Orton looks great in practice while Tebow struggles, the rumored improvement in his release isn't noticeable, he struggles even more in practice, Orton refuses to back down and give him the starting spot, then Merril Hoge says mean things about him, now LeBron James is coming to his defense (Maybe Tiger Woods can help out too)!  Next he gives an interview to Woody Paige saying how hurt he was that the starting position was his and only to be taken away, predictably he claims it was taken out of context the next day.  Next the depth chart comes out and he's officially a 2nd stringer...  And to top it all off, now he has to threaten to sue some website because they ran an ad saying he doesn't use a sponsor’s product!

Poor Timmy!  How can a rich, famous, good looking, southern deity full of talent and charm survive such hard times!

I wrote about the impending arrival of Tebow Time earlier, so it's pretty clear where I stand on this whole thing.  I want to see Tebow play.  I think for the sake of the Denver Broncos and their fans we need to find out as soon as possible if he can be a starting QB in this league or not.  If Orton starts all season, we're going to hear chants of "We want Tebow (clap clap clapclapclap)" every time Orton gets sacked, throws an incompletion, misses a high-five, throws a left-handed interception in the red-zone, etc. 


This will suck.

I think the Woody Paige column said a lot about where Tebow's head is at right now.  Tebow genuinely thought that the team was now his.  It was a rare moment of realism in his normal unrelentingly positive demeanor.  His lifelong dream of becoming a starting QB in the NFL was about to come true.  But unfortunately the NFL is a business and not a Disney movie... so the trade didn't work out and now Tebow is still the backup QB.  My opinion?  So what.  If you're better than him than go take the starting job.  I'm not sure that Tebow has ever had to fight for a position in his football life.  At Florida, Chris Leak graduated and the job was given to Tebow.  It seemed that after one year with the Broncos, the starting QB position was being given to him again.  It's not.  So go get it if you want it that bad.  I like to believe that Tim Tebow is a fighter... I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The other major issue right now is that Kyle Orton is significantly outplaying Tebow in practices.  Badly.  Think Peyton Manning vs. Curtis Painter.

This issue isn't going to go away.  Orton is a player who looks great in practice. He's smart, near perfect fundamentally, makes all the right reads, and generally looks like a star QB.  When I watch him practice I think of my college coach saying (screaming) at a certain teammate whom I won't name "GODD*MN SON!! YOU FIRST TEAM PRACTICE ALL AMERICAN, AIN'T YA??! WHY CAN'T YOU DO THAT SH*T IN A GAME?!?!"

This is the problem with Orton.  If he played like he practiced there wouldn't be any discussion about Tebow.  Orton would be on the Drew Brees/ Tom Brady level.  Unfortunately for Broncos fans, he plays like Kyle Orton during games. 

On the other hand, Tebow is just the opposite.  He looks awkward during practices at the pro-level. He never looks sure of himself, his mechanics are terrible, and accuracy isn't exactly a strong point either.  But with Tebow, when the lights come on and it's time to play for keeps, he steps up and makes plays.  He's a gamer.  There was a story going around about Tebow at the end of last season that exemplifies this point.  They were practicing a deep pass play and Tebow could not make the throw.  They tried running the play several times and Tebow just couldn't get it done, which led to interim Coach Eric Studesville deciding to scrap the play for the upcoming game against the Texans.  Tebow told him "Don't worry Coach, I'll make the throw in the game."  At the start of the 2nd half of the game the coach called the play and Tebow calmly hit Jabar Gaffney for a 50 yard gain.  Like I said, Tebow is a gamer.

Here's another problem.  Kyle Orton doesn't like Tim Tebow.  Orton may say the right things to reporters, but his body language at camp tells a completely different story.  He rarely speaks to Tebow.  Fair enough.  I wouldn't want to help the guy trying to take my job either.  But Tebow seems rattled by it.  It makes you wonder if it's the first time Tebow has ever had a teammate who didn't love him.  Knowing Tebow's personality it probably does bother him. 

Speaking as a Denver sports fan, I want this situation resolved as soon as possible.  After months of watching the Denver Nuggets "Melo-drama" I don't think I can take another season of wondering if a trade will happen. 

Just make the move already. 

My gut tells me that once again everything will work out for Tebow.  I think Orton will be traded at some point this season,  and Tebow will get his shot.   His is a charmed life, and he seems to always get what he wants.  But he's been learning the hard way so far this season that football is now a business. 

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