The Swamp Is Back: Dems Relief Bills Gives $20K+ to Federal Employees, Everyone Else Gets $2000

After promises of a third round of stimulus checks following President Joe Biden's inauguration, the American people are still waiting. Once again, politicians have failed to keep a promise.

But as we go deeper into the bill, there are some troubling details, details that House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to bring to light. He didn't hold back when he addressed congress recently. From his opening sentence, McCarthy was ready to slay.

"Mr. Speaker, let me be clear: the swamp is back," McCarthy opened. "Every day since January 20, Democrats have sided with their special interest allies and ignored the real needs of the American people."

Oh boy, time grab the popcorn. This one is about to be a doozy.

McCarthy went in on Democrats for aiming to push the bill through in the dead of night. Why would they do that? All the unrelated COVID waste that's included in the bill. They're once again using tragedy and the misfortune of others to help themselves.

Less than nine percent of the money in this bill goes towards defeating the virus. Yes, you read that correctly.

"Don't call it a rescue bill, don't call it a relief bill," McCarthy said. "If you're a friend of the Speaker, you do pretty well under this bill. But for the American people, it is a loser."

Told you it was about to be good.

The bill makes immediate cuts in Medicaid, gives blue states a bailout and back-doors many other pet projects. It also gives hundred of millions of dollars to elite universities such as Harvard while allocating only $6 billion for K-12 education.

"On page 306, gives federal employees up to an extra $21,000 to help cope with virtual schooling," McCarthy shared before reiterating the absurdity of that. "Let me re-read that so every American understands.

"If you are a federal employee, you get an extra $21,000 to cope with virtual schooling -- because a lot of federal employees are going to vote on this bill tonight. But if you are one of the millions of parents outside of Washington, outside of the swamp, who are struggling through school closures, including the 1 million mothers who had to quit their jobs to take care of their kids, the fathers who had to quit ... you are ignored."

But don't worry, folks. There's also $140 million for a tunnel in Nancy Pelosi's district in there.

Because ... why not? At this point, let's see what other kind of wasteful spending we can cram in there just so the average American can get another check to pay a small fraction of the bills that have accumulated since this country shut down.

The entire video of McCarthy's speech is fantastic, and you definitely need to watch it in its entirety. At some point, people have to say enough is enough. And this 592-page bill ... is getting awfully close.

Here is the full video of McCarthy:

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