The Motive Behind 'Draconian' COVID Policies At Colleges And Universities

Power drives the leaders of this country's major institutions. Such "leaders" do not, in fact, want to lead but to control the masses. Among this country's major institutions, the college system is arguably the most powerful. Universities are where radicals control the knowledge students receive. Educators pitch college as a place where students can "find themselves," even as most universities allow only a semblance of independent thought.

Because of COVID, colleges can now control students on another level. Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson discussed the matter on Tuesday's Fox & Friends First. Jacobson said campuses around the nation have implemented COVID policies that "have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with surveillance and control."

"You know, the promise of safety and fear have been used to violate human rights and privacy for decades," Jacobson says. "The United States is becoming a surveillance state.

"If we allow these institutions to continue controlling their student population, that means our society will become more susceptible to allowing the government to control everything and anything about our own lives. They're learning that this type of surveillance is OK, and that it's acceptable."

Of course. Colleges rarely grant students a measure of independence but instead incentivize them to rely on the government. The student loan scheme, run by the government, is a primary example of dependence. Forcing students to lock themselves down in their dorm rooms and limit their social interactions is another.

"So when they graduate, (students)'ll take these same tactics into the workplace, and that paints a very scary future for America," Jacobson argues.

A prestigious degree is the first step toward a leadership role in corporate America, where college graduates can then spread the idea that we must protect those in power. Now, there is another step: students must believe in and follow the COVID policies established by government officials in higher-ed.

Colleges see COVID as a weapon by which they can control students, and by extension, society at large. Colorado State University recently called a student who did not reveal her vaccination status a "trespasser" and even threatened to have her arrested.

Government control under the guise of COVID is a trap with few ways out. Perhaps COVID regulation "trespassing" will soon become one of them?

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