Texas Leads All States In Places You’re Most Likely To Be Killed By Animal, Study Shows

In an upset few saw coming, one place down south was recently found to be the state where you are most likely to be killed by an animal. Raise your hand if you think the Oklahoma-based Tiger King zoo heavily sways the numbers towards the Sooner State. Logical choice, but wrong. And it wouldn't be crazy to think this is the kind of competition in which the great state of Florida dominates. Good guess, but wrong again. Texas stands alone atop states where animals treat humans like cuisine.

Outforia used data complied between 1999 and 2019 to determine which states register the most "fatal animal attacks" each year. The Lone Star State mopped the competition, tallying 520 deaths. Meaning, on a yearly basis, 26 Texans literally find themselves in the belly of the beast. California finished a distant second, with 299 fatal animal attacks.

Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee were next in line, giving the top 5 an unmistakable southern charm.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Outforia's data revealed that Delaware, North Dakota and Rhode Island's animals aren't nearly as fond of the taste of humans. Amongst the three states, not a single fatal animal attack was recorded over the same 20 year period. How is that even possible?

Whether going about your day in Texas or elsewhere, it's best to avoid the following animals, deemed by Outforia as being responsible for the most human fatalities since 1970: brown bears (70), sharks (57), snakes (57).

Plan your spring break accordingly.


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