Taylor Lorenz Warns People Will 'Die' Because Elon Musk Removed COVID Misinfo Policy

The Washington Post tapped "reporter" Taylor Lorenz to cover the news that Elon Musk would put an end to the infamous Covid misinformation policy on Twitter.

As expected, Lorenz met WaPo's expectations.

Her writing on the matter was vintage Taylor Lorenz: hysterical, loose with the facts, and structurally challenged.

Lorenz wasted just a few lines before penning a decisive conclusion. According to Tay, Elon Musk removing the previously flawed policy will -- wait for it -- kill you. And if not you, someone else close to you.

The matter is that dire, warns Lorenz.

"Musk’s decision is a ‘huge step backwards’ and will lead to more deaths," the piece reads, to be exact.

Taylor Lorenz reached her declaration after speaking to a selective group of "doctors and public health officials." But as independent journalist Glenn Greenwald stated, Taylor Lorenz's reporting process includes "miraculously 3 or 4 people more neurotic, clearly unstable, and censorship-happy than she" to quote.

She wouldn't dare speak to a source of a different perspective.

There was once a time the Washington Post would require its journalists to speak to sources of a different opinion before warning a tech policy would kill Americans. Today, however, The Post allows "journalists" merely to seek the opinions of subjects who already agree with their pre-planned dramatics.

Lorenz falls in the latter category.

Ironically, Taylor decries Covid misinformation on the daily while her entire schtick -- and Twitter feed -- consists of spreading Covid misinformation. Case in point: proclaiming that a change to a social media app will have deadly ramifications, the thesis of her latest smear piece.

Still, we fault the Washington Post more than we do TayTay. See, Lorenz is a damaged Covid flake trying to stay relevant as she approaches her 50s (???). The Post, meanwhile, is deploying a grade-A nut to cover a story to feature prominently on its site.

This is on Jeff Bezos' lackeys, a group threatened by Elon Musk's vision to permit robust conversation on the internet.

For more on Taylor Lorenz, here's our column breaking down the most certifiable wackjob in the corporate press.

Please read the above column in short time. Time is of the essence due to Elon Musk's changes to Twitter.

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