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Let's at least get 5-6 weeks out of the Big Ten

I get the sense this whole college football thing just needs to be scaled back this fall to a level where there's compromise and everyone gets a little something to hold them over until 2021. That's why I'm thinking a 5-6 game schedule is perfect for the Big Ten. This gives the upperclassmen a chance to gain some tape to show the NFL and the TV networks get their games and the blue checkmarks who root against sports get football shutdown as flu season starts. I'm suggesting the Big Ten start its season Labor Day weekend and end the first weekend in October. That's right, Ohio State-Michigan on October 3.

If the schools need to have a bye week in there you move the final week to October 10. This cuts down on costs to the schools, has teams playing before flu season really gets rolling, according to CDC's definition of when flu season starts.

Is it a perfect schedule? Not at all. I want five months of college football. But this gives us something. No getting greedy this year.

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