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How many of you were planning guy trips to Vegas this NFL season?

All of you? 99% of you? This one hurts bad. We've waited all this time to get live NFL games in Vegas and it'll have to wait a year as the Raiders announced Monday that fans won't be allowed into Allegiant Stadium for the 2020 season. I've had these dreams running through my head about how it would feel to fly into Vegas Friday afternoon, drop a bag in the room, go hard at a craps table for like six hours, grab dinner, craps run, bar hopping, maybe go to sleep at 6 a.m., get up do it all over again and ultimately land in an Allegiant Stadium seat Sunday afternoon for a Bills-Raiders game on October 4.

Let that sink in for a minute. We were going to get Bills-Raiders this year. What a scene that would be with Bills fans on a three-day bender capped off with a game. The true test during normal times would be for airline workers getting the Bills fans off the planes Monday morning after the red eye back to Buffalo.

My heart is broken we won't get those scenes, but life will go on and Roger Goodell should do the right thing and make Buffalo-Las Vegas a yearly game. Bills fans deserve that trip.

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