Steelers-Titans Scores Best CBS Window in Four Years; Crushes NBA Finals

There is a current narrative in sports media that insists that "all sports are down big." This excuse was created to explain a record low viewership of the 2020 NBA Finals. Tuesday morning, the sports media took another L.

The Steelers-Titans matchup in Week 7 drew 14.5 million viewers, the highest-rated CBS early window in October in four years.

The NFL regular-season game average tops every 2020 NBA Finals game, nearly doubling the top-rated Lakers-Heat outing.

FOX's Week 7 NFL matchups were up 20% from 2019.

It's a bad day for Bomani Jones, Jalen Rose, David Jacoby, and Stephen A. Smith. In other words, ESPN:

The NFL season, which has been fantastic, is holding up well against the unprecedented interest in cable news.

As first noted by Michael McCarthy, Week 6 viewership was actually up 3.6%.

Coming into Week 7, the NFL season was down only 9%. Against an election and a global pandemic, the league's numbers are about as high as they could be.

To understand how strong the NFL is, just look to an early game this Sunday. The top 1 p.m. matchup between the Steelers (6-0) and the Ravens (5-1) is arguably more enticing than Steelers-Titans last week, the one that gave CBS such impressive numbers. The winner between the Steelers and the Ravens will lead the AFC North and move up in the odds for the crucial AFC first-round bye.

The election is now seven days away. In the weeks that follow, look for the NFL to cut its year-over-year deficit.

Are sports dead? No, but far-left sports propaganda might be close.

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