Stacey Abrams Declares Georgia 'Worst State in Country,' Despite Owning Two Georgia Homes

Stacey Abrams has two homes in Georgia, where she is running for governor. And yet, she hates the state. She's a victim of living there.

At the Gwinnett Democrats' Bluetopia Gala in Norcros, Abrams declared Georgia, where she lives, "the worst state in the country to live."

That's the voice and woman Georgians need to turn around the state.

In a tweet, Abrams further explained her detest for Georgia:

"GA may be #1 place for biz, but we’re #48 in mental health, #2 in uninsured. #1 in maternal mortality & new HIV cases, #9 in gun violence. For too many, Kemp’s Georgia doesn’t include them. Why? Because #KempDoesntCare.

"As Governor, I’ll lead #OneGeorgia that’s #1 for all of us."

Say what you will about Georgia, but the worst state in the country? That title, objectively, goes to California. Just ask the many former California residents.

Speaking of Abrams, she never responded to OutKick exclusively obtaining more photos of her spending an entire day maskless while schoolchildren were masked up.

Gross. Hopefully, Abrams will explain why she, an overweight adult, did not need a mask but the children did.

But first, we hope she explains how she recently bought two homes, in the grotesque state of Georgia, for $1.4 million after starting her 2018 campaign in substantial debt.

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