Spotify CEO Addresses Possibility of Signing Howard Stern

Howard Stern's contract with SiriusXM expires later this year. If Stern opts to explore his options, Spotify is the most logical destination. On a conference call this morning, Daniel Ek, Spotify founder and CEO, was asked about the possibility

“I can’t really speak to Howard Stern specifically,” Ek said. But added, “more and more great creators around the world that are turning to streaming service Spotify."

“This is a global platform unlike anything else. Thirdly, the size of this platform is just huge compared to many of these platforms that may operate in just one market. So I think the combination of that interactivity and flexibility that it allows you and the global nature and scale of this platform is what excites a lot of creators to be on our platform," Ek added.

Stern's resume and reach warrant a Joe Rogan-like deal, which exceeds $100 million. Despite a global pandemic, he'll have options.

In June, Jim Meyer, SiriusXM CEO, admitted as much.

“I think the issue in the renewal with Howard is what does Howard want to do going forward now that he’s seen, you know, what is going on in podcasting,” Meyer explained.

Additionally, a third destination should emerge. While Spotify makes the most sense, is there room for both Rogan and Stern? Could Stern stomach a role as the second-biggest star at a company?

Last week, in the Outkick Media Mailbag, I predicted Stern re-signs. SiriusXM can’t afford to lose him. Another unprecedented contract is looming. But don't rule anything out.

Where is the best fit for Howard Stern?

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